Terms and Conditions

1) The order, binding and irrevocable for the customer, is binding for the commissioner “Graficabanzi snc” or with the acceptance by order confirmation or with the execution of the same. The prices refer to the supply and customization of objects and promotional material, with intervention on our part relegated solely to the customization and printing of the objects themselves.

2) The prices of the list are valid until changes, which may occur at any time and without notice, so orders are valid only if accepted by us.

4) Any discrepancies in the texts, in the colors found by you will be recognized by us only if the work is different from the original files sent to us and if the same have been made in accordance with the technical characteristics listed.

5) The times of realization are always indicative, never of rigour, and are always intended as working days; the fixed dates, even those agreed upon, are always to be considered approximate and can never be contested and/or challenged.

6) No complaints are accepted after 8 days from receipt of goods.

7) The claims will have to exclusively pervenirci for letter registered letter R/R. within 8 gg. reception goods.

8) The shipments will be carried out, except different agreements, by courier.

9) The goods are always sold free of charge at our headquarters in Finale Emilia (Mo).

10) The delivery times will be confirmed by our order confirmation and may also be subject to variations due to work scheduling or force majeure, they are never intended as mandatory.  In any case, the Commissionaria will never be responsible for late or non-delivery.  It is our faculty to always resolve in all or in part the contract, to suspend or to postpone the execution even after the acceptance of the same one.

11) Payments must be made by advance bank transfer to Grafica Banzi – Centro Stampa digitale di Banzi Gianmarco & C. snc or by PayPal, or Postepay.

12) The equipment (files used for printing), are and remain our property and, even if specifically requested, will not be sold.

13) In case of disputes, we accept as the only place of jurisdiction the court of Modena.

Right of Withdrawal

In case the delivered products are affected by printing defects due exclusively to us, you have the right to exercise the right of withdrawal from the purchase of part or all of the goods covered by an order without penalty, pursuant to art. 5 of D. Decree 185/99.

To withdraw from the purchase you will have to communicate us such will within and not over 8 working days from the reception of the purchased products. The communication must be made by e-mail, to be confirmed within 48 hours by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, sent to: Graficabanzi – Centro Stampa Digitale – via Saffi, 5 – 41034 Finale Emilia (Mo).
It is necessary and indispensable to indicate the products purchased, the relative order number and your wish to withdraw from the purchase. We will reply by e-mail and you must send within 10 working days (the date of transmission by us of the e-mail), the products you intend to return.
Warning: failure to comply with all of the above rules does forfeit the right of withdrawal under Art. 5 D. Decree 185/99

The shipment of returned products can be made by any means of your choice. However we will not accept in any case return shipments in port assigned or cash on delivery. Shipping costs will be charged to you.

In the event that it is indisputable that the defects are due to poor execution of the work or processing, we will re-execute them within XX days of receipt of the return, with delivery costs at your expense.



The right of withdrawal can be exercised only if the goods are perfectly intact in all its parts and not used. Therefore, the returned packages must not bear any damage to the wrapping or parts thereof, nor bear any signs of tampering. We are not responsible for any damage to products occurred during the shipment of return of the same. Should we receive damaged or tampered return items, we will not refund the amount paid for the purchase of products.